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Developing strong relationships with local communities is part of our DNA.


Hi there,

Please allow me to introduce Boralex.

We are a renewable energy project developer, owner and operator that delivers, in a safe and responsible manner, the electricity the world needs today. Based in Canada, firmly established in the United States and in France, Boralex specializes in four types of power generation: hydroelectric, solar, wind and thermal.

Green energy can generate long-term wealth for you, your family and your community while keeping our air cleaner, creating jobs, driving technological advancements and contributing to the local tax base that helps fund health, education, recreation and other homegrown initiatives. Boralex also grows the economies of the communities where we operate by creating community investments and purchasing goods and services locally.

We engage early, often and broadly with landowners and all project stakeholders in informed discussions to ensure that our projects comply with all the local requirements. We are in this together, and the decisions we make determine what our shared energy future looks like.

We create renewable energy to make people’s lives better. We are equally committed to our role as a responsible and ethical employer, neighbor, customer, taxpayer, innovator and steward of the environment.

I thank you for your interest.

Patrick Lemaire
President and CEO
Boralex Inc.

Our business

Present in the US market for over 15 years

Boralex operates seven hydropower facilities in the state of New York.

Our office is located in the town of Glens Falls and serves as a hub for our Operations and Development teams, who carry out all our United States-based activities.

United States
New York State
Fourth Branch3 MW
Hudson Falls46 MW
Middle Falls2 MW
New York State Dam11 MW
Sissonville3 MW
South Glens Falls14 MW
Warrensburg3 MW
82 MW
total operating capacity in New York
Over 31,200 homes powered annually
Low Emissions
Over 208,140 tons of CO2 emission avoided annually
Every two hours, more solar energy hits the Earth than humans use in a year, which is why we are keen to explore the huge potential of this renewable CO2-free power source with you!

Solar farms provide many economic benefits to local municipalities, while requiring few community resources.

Energy storage
Saving rays of sunshine for cloudy days

Energy storage is a complementary technology to renewable energy supporting its integration to the electric grid.


Earn Income From Your Land With Boralex
Benefits of
leasing your property

    Long-term reliable income for your family or business

    No investment required on your part

    Land fully restored when the solar farm reaches the end of its life span

    Support growth of green energy in your community and be part of a cleaner future

    If selling your land is an option, we would be interested in talking with you as well.

    bas057 -

with Boralex

    Boralex will provide a free assessment of your property to determine its suitability for a renewable energy development.

    Boralex will be responsible for any cost associated with the design, approvals and construction of the development.

    You will receive passive income in the form of lease payments or a purchase payment from Boralex.

    Your community will receive tax revenues from the development.

Community Involvment

What sets us appart

We believe that a successful project benefits the entire community and we think there’s a lot to be excited about when it comes to welcoming green energy projects to yours. By emphasizing collaboration and communication, Boralex has earned a reputation for successfully completing projects that prioritize community integration.

Renewable energy projects create positive social and economic benefits for communities, by increasing municipal taxes, creating jobs and stimulating local economy.

Boralex looks forward to discussing how best to integrate our projects within your community.

We develop strong relationships
Our long-term perspective helps to shape our development approach, motivating us to develop long-term and strong relationships with landowners and the communities who host our projects and with whom we hope to be good neighbors for decades.
We listen to our communities
Whether it is prior to initiating a project, during its construction or in the course of its operation, we maintain an on-site sustained presence and employ inclusive consultation, information and follow-up processes to make sure we have heard and responded to the comments and suggestions expressed by the community.
We support the local economy
In addition to the jobs created during the development, construction and operation of our plants, we try to source goods and services from local suppliers throughout the life of our projects.
We give back to our hosts
Social involvement is of great importance to Boralex. Every year, we support local non-profit organizations and charitable events to contribute further to the vitality of our host communities.
We care for the environment
Environmental issues are a high priority in all decisions we make, and we employ best practices with regard to biodiversity protection, habitat conservation, waste management and air emission reduction.